Kim has been practicing acupuncture for eighteen years. With much passion and vigor, Kim established Carrboro Community Acupuncture, a grassroots affordable healthcare model of practicing acupuncture. With the success of the community acupuncture practice, Kim has been able to focus her private practice on the mental emotional aspects of pain and disease. She is able to help guide her patients through the healing process of understanding, feeling, and ultimately processing core emotional experiences. When treating the mental emotional body, physical manifestations especially unexplained joint pain, inflammation, and digestive troubles resolve and heal. The other focus of Kim’s practice is the wonderful world of fertility. While becoming a surrogate, Kim had much personal experience navigating IVF. With the ability to relate to women on the pregnancy journey, she is able to help calm and attune the body/mind/spirit in order for optimal conditions for conception.  Mainstreaming Eastern Medicine, raising teenage daughters, the Yoga disciplines and staying in tune with the seasons are Kim’s focus in life.