Fertility & Pregnancy

Acupuncture for Fertility & Pregnancy

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our goal is to bring all of the organ systems in the body back into balance, including the reproductive system. Everything in the body is connected, so when someone comes to us for help with conceiving and carrying a baby, we look at the big picture in addition to discussing her specific fertility history. Pregnancy and labor are both very stressful on the body, so if yours already thinks that it’s not running well – if you’re already feeling fatigued, stressed, etc. – then it’s not going to want to take on the extra challenge of nourishing and delivering a baby. In every fertility treatment the focus is on bringing you, the mother-to-be, back to good health while also using specific points to bring circulation to the reproductive system.

Because we are looking at the long-term when it comes to fertility – we want your body to be running at it’s best through your pregnancy and post-partum – we suggest that you expect to receive treatments for at least three months to a year. During this time, you still can and should try to conceive, but we want you to take the pressure off yourself and really focus on your well-being. We may discuss tracking your basal body temperature (BBT), making diet and lifestyle changes, and adding herbal medicine to your treatments as well.

Acupuncture to Induce Labor

Above we mentioned the ideal situation, but if you have a date set for you intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) already, any acupuncture is better than no acupuncture! If this is the case with you, we’ll discuss a targeted – often accelerated – treatment plan with you and emphasize the importance of doing your part at home: Choosing foods that enhance fertility, making stress management a priority, massaging acupressure points between treatments, etc. We’ll also cover what do after your transfer and develop a treatment plan for your pregnancy if needed.

Often fertility patients come to us at their wit’s end, frustrated from their lack of results using other methods and stressed because of the amount of pressure they’ve been putting on themselves. We’re here to help you re-focus on the beauty of the process of bringing new life into the world and regain a calmer perspective overall. Practice self-love and let your body heal itself so you can have an enjoyable pregnancy and happy new baby at the end of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is acupuncture safe for pregnant women?

Acupuncture can support your body and give it stability, whether you are trying to conceive naturally or are using a medical intervention like intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF). If you’ve conceived and do not need acupuncture for fertility, still consider receiving regular treatments to maintain your health throughout your pregnancy. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help common issues like nausea and back pain, and even improve outcomes for women who have a history of miscarriages or other serious complications. There are a few points that I avoid in pregnant women – for example points in the abdomen and the points that we use to induce labor – but otherwise acupuncture treatments are very similar and just as effective during pregnancy.

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